Circ Jockeys

About the Comic

CJ Huh IconCirc Jockey [surk jok-ee]

1. A person working at the circulation desk of a library or a similar establishment where the primary function is the checking in and out of materials.
2. archaic a cucumber that has been preserved in brine, vinegar, or the like.

Circ Jockeys began in 2007 as a comic about life working in a college library. We follow circulation desk jockeys, Steve and Richard, as they attempt to cope with the boredom of daily drudgery and the malaise afforded to students of higher education.

The comic is hand drawn on 9×12 bristol board with pigma micron pens. Most of the coloring is done with Adobe Fireworks CS4.

Questions about the comic can be directed to comic at circjockeys dot com

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Circ Jockeys Copyright 2009 Steven Younkins

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