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Circ Jockeys #42 – Double Negatives

Posted in Comics by Steeb on February 9, 2010

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Everyone gets all of the implications with the name Jocasta, right?

I am afraid that I will one day be one of those people that is defined by a degree.

I am in the midst of some assorted form of snow induced lethargy. Classes were canceled today. Classes are canceled tomorrow. We are likely to get enough snow on Tuesday to cancel classes for Wednesday and the same goes on Wednesday for Thursday. I certainly hope that no one wanted to have class this week.

My roommate and I had an epic Snow Down last night which ended poorly. Ten paces is a lot more distance than it sounds. Snow is also colder than it looks. Frostbite hurts more than you’d think it would. Or maybe I have just gotten into a habit of underestimation.

Anyway… New comic Thursday.


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Circ Jockeys #41 – Sankara

Posted in Comics by Steeb on February 4, 2010

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Someone should probably inform Miles that patrons are not allowed behind the counter, even in the event of Raiders of the Lost Ark style boulder traps.

Also: Stargate? Really, Miles?

Doesn’t it always work out that snow days occur on the day that you don’t have any classes?

So, did you guys read that science has invented super powers? Well not really, but I could be one quarter of the way to being Spiderman. Now I just need to work on my super strength and agility, precognitive awareness of danger, and webbing. I mean, I’m already a nerdy douche bag, so, it should be easy, right?

Anyway… yeah.

See you all Tuesday!


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Circ Jockeys #40 – No Time For Love

Posted in Comics by Steeb on February 2, 2010

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Wait… how did his machete miraculously become a torch?

So, this is the fortieth installment of Circ Jockeys and I wanted to do something special.  I hope you all like it. (See also: I am still waiting on my Wikipedia article.)

A new, regular sized comic, will appear as if from the aether on Thursday.

Also: all of you Hood-o-philes that are interested in writing for the newspaper should come to Carson Cottage tomorrow at 1pm for our kick-off party, and the promise of pizza.

Any-hoo, see you all Thursday!


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