Circ Jockeys

Circ Jockeys #20 – Courier NewAge

Posted in Comics by Steeb on November 24, 2009

(Click on the comic for a larger image.)

NewAge, you know, it rhymes with sewage.

I cannot tell you how many times the Courier font family has saved my life with its magical ability to turn a three page paper into a five. I never used courier until I took a creative writing course in college where the professor required all of our pieces to be submitted in manuscript format.

Man… is it Thanksgiving break already? I am quite ready for this. As I said last week, there most certainly will be an update on Thanksgiving, which is something that you guys can give thanks for.

Over the break I will be starting my Senior Seminar Paper (OOOoooOOooOo Omnious). Twenty pages on whether or not the graphic novel should be considered High Art. It is really just an excuse to cite Scott McCloud in a term paper. While I would prefer to discuss comics under the lens of Narratology, I could not quite bend the rules enough to make that a viable topic. I can’t complain though. How often does one get to read Maus, Watchmen, Fun Home, or Bone and call it research? I get to quote the likes of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, that counts as awesome, right?

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Thursday. You bring the turkey, I’ll bring the comic, sound good?


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  1. jenniehuntoon said, on November 24, 2009 at 11:53 am

    That most definitely counts as awesome.

  2. Colton MFing Todd said, on November 24, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    You need to included Jhonen Vasquez. He’s relevant to any term paper. Or at least Alan Moore.

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