Circ Jockeys

Circ Jockeys # 18 – Parrhesian Fallacy

Posted in Comics by Steeb on November 17, 2009

CJ018(Click the comic for a larger image)

Woo comics! This is very similar to a conversation that I had with my creative writing professor, except, if memory serves, my question was about the Green Lantern and whether or not he was lactose intolerant.

It is of interesting note that the Wikipedia article for Parrhesia links to the article for Truthiness.

Also: I would like to see an epistemological cage match between Noam Chomsky and Benjamin Bloom. Can someone make that happen? I mean, Chomsky has a leg up on Bloom seeing as Bloom has been dead for a decade, but I think that Chomsky doesn’t have the stamina to go the rounds. Iris Murdoch could be our Octagon Girl.

I am eating Jolly Ranchers and reading Brick Lane by Monica Ali. The jury is still out on this book; however, guilty or not, I still have to have it finished by Wednesday. This would be a whole lot easier if I was capable of getting a Jolly Rancher that was not cherry flavored…

Anyway, new comic on Thursday. See you later!



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