Circ Jockeys

Circ Jockeys #7 – Kafka-phony

Posted in Comics by Steeb on October 13, 2009

CJ007(Click the comic for a larger image)

Better than life becoming too Kefka-esque. AMIRIGHT?! I certainly hope that I am. I don’t dig the whole maniacal clown thing that he has going on.

So, I mentioned before that I have now in my possession a button maker which is producing buttons by the ox-cart full, and I am in a mood that lends itself to random acts of generosity, as such I am proposing a deal.

For $5.00, I will send you a delicious pack of six assorted buttons that will look something like this:

Pin Set 1

These 1″ mini buttons are all in dynamic greyscale and served up on pages severed from my own personal copy of Finnegans Wake.

The first 5 people that purchase this button set will receive a complete set of 12 pins for the price of six! This pack includes three Halloween themed buttons based on comics that have yet to be put up.

To purchase, check the ‘Merch Jockeys’ page to the right!

That’s it for today. See you Thursday!


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